I thought I’d start my first post with sharing my love for winter and appreciation of snow storms. It wasn’t love at first sight but the more the years go by the more I really enjoy them. In 5 points, here’s how I learned to like it:


Remember when school was cancelled because of a snow storm? I lived that scenario plenty of times when I was a kid. It was opening the door to new adventures (not possible on regular off days) like building castles, ramps, etc… and having special meals like waffles for breakfast (I was the cereal type). In my family, we use to say that if you sleep with your pjs inside out it would maximise the chance to get a snow day.

4727618-815596Movie by André Mélançon, Roger Canton et Danyèle Patenaude. 1984. La guerre des tuque. Québec.

Snow Day = Hygge

Beside the shovelling and moving your car to the other side of the street (when living in cities like Montreal), it’s coming back to a warm home that I enjoy the most : the hot shower and getting after into comfy clothes. In other words, snow storms are a wonderful excuse to stay inside and indulge yourself. The Danes call it hygge.

Creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

(Visit Denmark)
Here are a few things I do to leverage the cosiness (or Hygge) on a snow day :

Listening to jazz music

I have a soft spot for atypic female voices like Billie Holiday’s and Nina Simone’s. Listening to I love you Porgy (I confess it’s very cheesy but so romantic to me) or P.-S. I love you is like putting on warm socks coming out of the dryer.


In my humble opinion, there’s nothing more cozy than listening to music the good old analog way on your record player!

Warm soft lightning

Even though it’s bright outside, greyish bright (because it’s snowing), I light a candle or turn on a lamp that has a soft warm shade.


There are so many crafters that make good quality soy wax candles with nice scents. I like this Montreal-based candle artisan La Rosa.

A Throw

Wrap yourself in a extra-layer of softness! I like this throw from EQ3, it’s 100 % wool and its neutral color can fit in every type of room, time and season.


A Nice Drink

Let’s say it’s 3 pm in the afternoon. It might be too late to get a coffee (if you’ve got sleeping problem), so you could make yourself your favourite cup of tea. I’d go for a glass of wine. A snow day is a special occasion right? So why not having a drink to enjoy it? I’d go for a nice glass of Riunite Lambrusco. It’s light, sweet (not too much) and a bit sparkling.

The good thing with that bottle is that it’s available at a fair price. At the NB Liquor, it’s always below 12 $.


On the same note, here’s a Sauvignon blanc candle by Rewined that really brings a nice scent and it’s made from recycled wine bottles!sauvignon_blanc-front1

A Good Read

Taking the time to read an actual Book, a Comic Book or a Magazine… something that is NOT online. I love to read a book before going to bed but for some reasons, my body is conditionned to go on sleep mode after 30 min. of reading, so I’d go with a magazine that inspire me cooking recipes or a food adventures like this one :


Pasta is my #1 comfort food go-to dish and with tons of kale or spinach, it becomes an healthy-is option : Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Lots of Kale. Feb. 2017. Bon Appétit.