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Turning Waste into Taste

Enemy #1: Planning

If you’re like me, you have no idea of what you’re going to eat during the week when you’re going at the grocery store. I buy a little of everything considering the price and what is low in my fridge and pantry. When it’s time to cook, I like to make something up with what I have and get creative! But there are always cooking remnants, an half cut onion, herbs losing freshness, stale bread…

Here are some ideas to use the maximum of what is left from your leftovers. Think of it as a goal : use what your buy at least twice! It’s easier than you think…

1. Ends of vegetables

I’m in love with my vegetables grater (rediscovering salads) but there’s always the last piece of veggie that I can’t grate.

Solution : freeze it and use in potages or smoothies

Brighten a berry-base smoothie with raw beet

2. Parmesan and cheeses remnants

Getting to the end of your beloved parmesan cheese? There’s more crust than cheese that is left? Let it melt in soups, stews, sauces or pastas. You’ll jazz up your recipe with its rich umami flavour!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.21.14 AM
 Check out this Huffington Post article to get more yummy ideas to use Parmesan

3. Greens, herbs and onions : Not so fresh but still clean

This parley bouquet is getting wilted? Still got some mint from the Mojito’s you were making the other night? Blend them into an herby salad dressing or a pesto.

For salad and spinach, you can also freeze them and use it for cooking.

Onions and garlic : roast them to make a paste that you’ll freeze (use in every cooking recipe) or add a kick to this vinaigrette or pesto you’ve blended!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.19.17 AM

4. Stale bread

Cut it in pieces, add a bit of salad dressing and send to the oven at 350 F until it’s golden. You’ve got tasty croutons!

If the bread is rock-solid, you can blend it to breadcrumps. You can also soften the bread by wrapping it with a damped paper towel (send for 30 sec to the microwave).

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.09.25 AMLove to make Panzanella with croutons. Try this version from NY Times Cooking.

5. Bruised fruits

So many possibilities : it is really up to you how want to enjoy it :

– Cut and cook them for crumbles, muffins

– Add to smoothies

– Make a fruit sauce or a jam. I love to turn them into a fruit sauce that I’ll scoop on yogourt with granola.

– Make a syrup! I like to keep the juice from cooked rhubarb when making rhubarb jam to make a syrup that I can use for Lemonade or Cocktails.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.02.23 AM
Strawberry Rhubarb syrup from Smitten Kitchen and
Montreal Plaza’s La Rosalie Cocktail made from Strawberry Stems syrup

6. What about peels, onions skins, celery stalks and tomato hearts?

Make a rich vegetables stock or add to a meaty broth.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.23.43 AM Veggies scraps by Oh my veggies

I thought I’d start my first post with sharing my love for winter and appreciation of snow storms. It wasn’t love at first sight but the more the years go by the more I really enjoy them. In 5 points, here’s how I learned to like it:


Remember when school was cancelled because of a snow storm? I lived that scenario plenty of times when I was a kid. It was opening the door to new adventures (not possible on regular off days) like building castles, ramps, etc… and having special meals like waffles for breakfast (I was the cereal type). In my family, we use to say that if you sleep with your pjs inside out it would maximise the chance to get a snow day.

4727618-815596Movie by André Mélançon, Roger Canton et Danyèle Patenaude. 1984. La guerre des tuque. Québec.

Snow Day = Hygge

Beside the shovelling and moving your car to the other side of the street (when living in cities like Montreal), it’s coming back to a warm home that I enjoy the most : the hot shower and getting after into comfy clothes. In other words, snow storms are a wonderful excuse to stay inside and indulge yourself. The Danes call it hygge.

Creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

(Visit Denmark)
Here are a few things I do to leverage the cosiness (or Hygge) on a snow day :

Listening to jazz music

I have a soft spot for atypic female voices like Billie Holiday’s and Nina Simone’s. Listening to I love you Porgy (I confess it’s very cheesy but so romantic to me) or P.-S. I love you is like putting on warm socks coming out of the dryer.


In my humble opinion, there’s nothing more cozy than listening to music the good old analog way on your record player!

Warm soft lightning

Even though it’s bright outside, greyish bright (because it’s snowing), I light a candle or turn on a lamp that has a soft warm shade.


There are so many crafters that make good quality soy wax candles with nice scents. I like this Montreal-based candle artisan La Rosa.

A Throw

Wrap yourself in a extra-layer of softness! I like this throw from EQ3, it’s 100 % wool and its neutral color can fit in every type of room, time and season.


A Nice Drink

Let’s say it’s 3 pm in the afternoon. It might be too late to get a coffee (if you’ve got sleeping problem), so you could make yourself your favourite cup of tea. I’d go for a glass of wine. A snow day is a special occasion right? So why not having a drink to enjoy it? I’d go for a nice glass of Riunite Lambrusco. It’s light, sweet (not too much) and a bit sparkling.

The good thing with that bottle is that it’s available at a fair price. At the NB Liquor, it’s always below 12 $.


On the same note, here’s a Sauvignon blanc candle by Rewined that really brings a nice scent and it’s made from recycled wine bottles!sauvignon_blanc-front1

A Good Read

Taking the time to read an actual Book, a Comic Book or a Magazine… something that is NOT online. I love to read a book before going to bed but for some reasons, my body is conditionned to go on sleep mode after 30 min. of reading, so I’d go with a magazine that inspire me cooking recipes or a food adventures like this one :


Pasta is my #1 comfort food go-to dish and with tons of kale or spinach, it becomes an healthy-is option : Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Lots of Kale. Feb. 2017. Bon Appétit.

This post is available in French only because of the references. I’ll write back in Shakespeare’s language soon.

Nous y sommes… le moment de l’année qui célèbre le couple avec un grand C sous toutes ses formes et dans toute sa diversité. Difficile d’y échapper lorsqu’on est célibataire.

Un choix


Réf: Quirkyalone : célibataire et fier de l’être. Photo : Michelle Riendeau

Un choix peut-être pas facile à défendre lors d’un souper de famille mais la seule personne à vivre le célibat au quotidien, ça reste toi. Le couple fait partie des normes sociales auxquelles on est exposées : Barbie et Ken, Bonnie et Clyde, Tarzan et Jane, Michelle et Barak, Louis et Véro, Sébastien et Bianca… Donnez-moi un exemple de célibataire respecté sans que ce soit un séducteur de renom ou une workaholic finie ? Et si on en connaît un ou une, on va s’interroger pourquoi cette belle personne pleine de potentiel amoureux n’est pas en couple…
Dans une autre ligne d’idées, j’ai récemment lu un billet de Julie Lemay que j’ai trouvé rafraîchissant… Un plaidoyer rationnel sur un célibat choisi et assumé.

St-Valentin ou ME Day

Pourquoi ne pas en profiter pour te gâter?

Un bouquet de fleurs

Commencer la journée en s’offrant des fleurs que l’on va pouvoir admirer et qui va nous rappeler qu’on s’est choisi et qu’on le mérite bien!
Les endroits pour se procurer un beau bouquet sont de plus en plus nombreux. On peut faire une pierre deux coups en se procurant un café ou une carte pour dire Je t’aime à ceux qu’on aime. fleurs-001


On se met confortable. J’aime beaucoup cette robe de nuit qui rime avec confort et beauté. Qui a dit que s’habiller en mou devait être juste pour se mettre de vieilles guenilles?


Robe de nuit en bambou Sandmaidensleepwear


Le célibat c’est aussi un bon moment pour explorer sa sexualité avec un ou plusieurs partenaires. C’est de façon informative et comique que les humoristes Krystyna Hutchinson et Corrine Fisher aborde la sexualité et l’érotisme sans barrière (ex. elles vont inviter un ex-pimp, la fille d’une infirmière pratiquant des avortements illégaux) dans la balado  Guys we F****d. Divertissant!

Hutchinson et Fisher à voir si vous allez au States. Sorry About Last Night

Quelque chose de sucré

Lorsque je veux me gâter, je me cuisine quelque chose même si ce sera juste pour moi (je vais sûrement partager les restes mais à la base, ce sera un plat préparé par moi, pour moi comme un gâteau moelleux au citron que je savourerai avec un p’tit café à la cardamome. J’ai goûté ce café par curiosité lors d’une visite au salon de thé Le Cardinal et je suis tombée sous le charme. Parfait pour réchauffer son coeur et pour accompagner le gâteau.


Gâteau au babeurre et citron


  • 1 tasse de beurre salé
  • 2  1/2 tasse de sucre blanc
  • 4 oeufs
  • 1 tasse de lait de babeurre
  • 1/4 tasse de jus de citron frais
  • 3 tasse de farine tout usage
  • 1 c. à soupe de bicarbonade de soude
  • 1 c. à thé de sel
  • 1 c. à thé de cannelle


  • 1 pinte de crème 35 %
  • Sucre à glacé au goût
  • Zeste de citron

Rire garanti

Desfois, même si l’on fait tout pour se sentir bien dans peau et qu’on assume ses choix. C’est bon de regarder quelque chose qui va nous faire sourire à tout coup. Les sketchs de Like-moi! ajoutent du piquant aux moments passés en solo.screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-9-44-04-amJenny, la fille qui se cherche un chum et son amie qui l’aide à se “trouver un chum”.

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